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General Contracting and Maintenance

General Contracting and Maintenance

Shintech has an unbroken record of excellence in Electrical, General Contracting and Maintenance services. A responsible corporate citizen, Shintech maintains a strong ethical code in its relations with customers, personnel and suppliers. The rewards have come by way of major infrastructure, commercial, industrial, defense, Oil & Gas and other government projects.
Our staff is the backbone of our success, from our Project Managers, Designers and Estimators, to our Project Superintendents and Technicians. Shintech and its staff have the expertise to ensure your projects are done properly by trained professionals.
Shintech can also support all of your LV Power Solutions needs through our Shintech Switchgear. Shin Tech Switchgear specializes in Complete Design, Assembly and Installation of Switchboards and MCP Systems. Our team of project engineers, designers, panel assembly staff and field technicians are dedicated to making sure your system is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
At Shintech, “Safety is First”, we are very proud of our safety record. Continuous training for our entire staff ensures that our personnel will perform safely and exceed the requirements for your project demands.


Contracting Concepts

‘It’s all about Communication’
Every client’s contracting needs are different and each job has specifics that need to be met. At Shintech, we understand that fulfilling your requirements and meeting your expectations means effective communication from the very beginning.
We pride ourselves on getting it right at the specifications stage so the job is done on time and on budget. Reviewing and examining the specifications at the time of quoting ensures that we have interpreted them correctly for delivering your desired installation. It also allows us to consider all aspects involved in completing the job, so your requirements are met without the need of contract variations

Highly Qualified & Highly Trained

The Shintech personnels are amongst the most highly qualified and trained in the industry. It is not a proud boast but a fact. Training in our companies is embedded in the most fundamental way. It is our personnel that is our competitive advantage, and we are generous in the allocation of resources to achieve effective training in areas such as safety, project management, as well as technology developments and negotiation skills. We help you in our processes of site assessments so that both parties can work safely and effectively, and that lost time through accidents is negligible and unsafe work practices do not occur. We are continuously drill our operative personnel in both procedures and behavior. It is all part of the professional approach we use in everything we do.

Safty First

‘Lost time minimized – we deliver your project on time’
We maintain very strict Health Safety and Environment procedures, and subject the sites we work in to stringent safety reviews. Very frequently we are able to assist clients with the elimination of potential hazards that could impact other site personnel. Through our strict safety policies we have extremely low lost time hours through incidents.


‘All the technical details under our control’
We operate very frequently at the cutting edge of technology because of the demanding nature of many of the projects we are involved in. Be it Electrical, instrumentation, process control, communications, fibre-optics, we have specialists in-house who are up to the task. This again is an important feature with far reaching benefits for clients who can deal basically with a one-stop-shop.

Our Services

Ensuring you have the most appropriate equipment in place on your site is vitally important. However, it is also essential to ensure this equipment is effectively managed from initial install and throughout the service life.
Subcontracting numerous companies to supply, install and maintain equipment can be a laborious coordinating task. Shintech can offer you a full package solution meaning you can benefit from LV equipment supply, associated LV services from one provider.
We offer a range of LV equipment services, and work with you so that your equipment is working at optimum level throughout its service life. Effectively managing your electrical assets reduces operating costs, can prevent unanticipated down time and can extend the working life of your equipment.
Shintech perfectly positioned to meet the after-sales support demands of our customers in all GCC locations. Our industry leading Fleet Management System encompasses all aspects of service and maintenance works, certification, upgrades and spare part requirements of any of our product lines.

Cable Works

Your LV installation project may involve increasing capacity to your site, relocating power distribution equipment or you may be undertaking a brand new site or facility build. Regardless of the situation, in the majority of installation projects cable works will be a major part of the process.
Whether a simple or complex project, cable works need to be undertaken by experienced and accredited experts. Shintech specializes in providing technical resources and safe application of connection works from under 1000v up to 2500V. We offer comprehensive industrial cable management services including cable jointing, cable installation, pressure testing to the re-routing of existing feeds and terminations.

  • Civil works including cable trenching
  • Cable Testing and Fault finding
  • Cable Containment Systems
  • Civil works Re-Instatement
  • Cable Jointing from 415v
  • Cable Mapping Surveys
  • Cable Termination

LV Installation

Whether your site is part of a complex distribution network or has only a small network of power distribution equipment, it is paramount that your LV distribution assets are expertly installed to ensure that they perform efficiently throughout their service life. Shintech can offer a comprehensive LV installation service for your LV distribution equipment. As every site network is unique, we work with you to offer a bespoke LV installation solution to suit your requirements.
LV installation services include;

  • Switchgear
  • Voltage Optimization units
  • UPS Systems
  • LV Cabling
  • Earthing Systems
  • Capacity Upgrades
  • Motors and Generators
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Lighting Pole Installation

Preventative Maintenance

Having a preventative electrical maintenance plan in place for your LV power distribution assets, significantly reduces the risk of equipment breakdown or failure. The implications of an unexpected breakdown or failure can be extremely costly, not only with regards to the costs of repair or replacement of your power distribution assets but also the cost of possible downtime to your business.
We highly recommend that you put in place a maintenance plan for your power distribution assets to ensure they continue to perform efficiently. Shintech has considerable expertise and experience in LV switchgear and UPS maintenance.

Our maintenance offering includes:
  • LV Switchgear Maintenance
  • UPS Maintenance
  • Generator Maintenance
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