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Low Voltage Switchgear


Shintech Switchgear was established with a clear and simple vision to provide the electrical industry with alternative quality electrical products. We understand the electrical industry and support its future growth. That is why we commit to product improvement processes, and Research and Development of new products each year.
Shintech Switchgear has been developing imaginative solutions in power distribution and motor control. We have built a reputation for excellence in design, workmanship and performance which serves as a benchmark for industry.
As industry leader, Shintech Switchgear has been developing leading edge designs since the inception of the switchgear industry, the latest result of which in recent years is the completely new switchgear design. we specialize in reliable, high performance switchgears.

Why Shintech Switchgear?

Where our customers are, when they need us “Shintech is intimately acquainted with the comings and goings of local industry” This makes our local staff founts of knowledge about local issues, such as industrial relations laws, safety standards, legislated electrical standards, market prospects, planning restrictions and anything else they may need to know about operating in their areas.
As well as offering extensive local knowledge, each of those operations remains intimately connected with the rest of Shintech. This enables the free sharing of knowledge, expertise, skills and other resources so our customers receive the support they need, when they need it. If your project spans states or requires other specialised local knowledge, odds are that our experts can provide it or quickly find it for you.



To many, the standards which set out the minimum performance required of switchgear are interpreted as their maximum requirement. To Shintech Switchgear, the standards are the minimum benchmark to build on for true reliability and performance. We strives to meet the underlying intent, not just the basic requirement, aware that its customers seek more than just a minimum cost solution.
Our Factory is located in Abu-Dhabi, UAE incorporate advanced in-house test facilities to ensure our products are routinely checked during the development and manufacturing process.


Playing it safe... When it comes to electricity, there’s no margin for error. That’s why, for Shintech, safety is a major part of everything we do. This focus on safety manifests itself in many ways. Worker safety is paramount in every project; all of our work includes comprehensive safety guidelines and the skilled occupational health and safety professionals to enforce them. This has kept our lost time injury (LTI) rate well below industry averages – a record of which we are extremely proud.
Shintech’s commitment to safety goes much further, however. Because we recognise safety as a major part of our customers’ risk management strategies, we offer a broad range of safety consulting and safety audit services, as well as advice on safety standards and compliance with those standards.That way, our customers can reap the benefits of our decades of experience in learning, complying with and bettering the requirements of safety standards and guidelines.
The result: Customer safety isn’t an add-on or a token effort, it is a significant part of every project we handle. We’ll put policies in place to protect our workers and yours and also document those policies to ensure safety guidelines meet even the most rigorous tender specifications.
As a supplier and a partner, we’ll help take the risk out of safety planning. And in a world where unmanaged safety risks have become simply unacceptable, that’s peace of mind for anybody.

Safe Projects Deliver Results

“All of our work includes comprehensive safety guidelines and the skilled occupational health and safety professionals to enforce them”


Shintech provides benchmarking and quality power control products. We believe quality is the major factor in determining a smooth power control and distribution. We also position as a leading power distribution solutions provider with outstanding supports from our business and technology collaboration with our partners internationally.
Shintech stands tall as a renowned manufacturer of quality Low Voltage (LV) switchboards, such as:

  • Main Distribution Bord(MDB)
  • Sub Main Distribution Bord (SMDB)
  • Final Distribution Bord (FDB)
  • Capacitor Panel
  • Synchronization Panel
  • Socket Panel
  • Lighting Control Panel(LCP)
  • Motor Control Panel (MCP)


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